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Dr.Arif Md. Khan,
Care Medical Physiotherapy & Hijama Centre
India / Sultanpur-Uttar Pradesh
+91 7619 040 534
Certified Hijama Therapist A complete Herbal Solution, Join to get updates about Drugs,Disease,Health and many more.
English Hindi Urdu
Raja Shahid,
Hijama Center
Pakistan / Rawalpindi, Islamabad
092 345 575 5920
Dispenser and 4 year experience.
English Urdu Punjabi Pushto
Mohbeen Khatab,
UK / West Midlands, Birmingham
074 8055 7515
Certificate attached. Less than a year experience
English Mirpuri Urdu
Carleen Mckenna,
Calm Inside Out
UK / Nottinghamshire
0115 958 1559
I am a qualified level 3 therapist I have my VCTC certicates Hijama course Training completed certificate Derma roller hot stones and more
English we have a Urdu and Punjabi translates if needed
Dr Ahmed Abdul Muqeeth,
India / Telegana Karimnager
Bums, Hijama special 20yrs experience
English Urdu Telugu Hindi
Tawfiq Shote,
TS Fitness Mobile Therapist
UK / Bolton
079 8602 5350
Personal Trainer Nutritional Advisor Hijama Therapist trained with HLW Massage Therapist
English Yoruba
Luthfa Rashid,
Wellness Hijama
UK / Birmingham
077 9241 2075
Completed my diploma in Hijama.
English Bengali
Mabashar Rahi,
Sufi Hijama
UK / Birmingham
074 2916 2301
Hijama therapist for 8 years
English Urdu Punjabi Mirpuri
Zahir Ahmad,
Shelton Hijama Cupping Centre
UK / Stoke On Trent
074 5991 6270
Full Hijama Course completed with the Hijama Clinic and also registered member of The Complimentary Medical Association
English Urdu Punjabi
Musa Al Albani,
UK / London
079 4478 6558
Certificate: Advanced Hijama Therapy awarded by Simply Hijama Experience: 3 years
English, Albanian
Captain Muzafer Iqbal,
Sunnah Hijamah
Pakistan / PMA Abbotabad Farid Town Sahiwal Additional signal Mess Rawalpindi
+92 344 813 6576
3 years experience of Hijamah learned from a MBBS surgeon
English, Urdu and Punjabi
Najat Gaddour,
Corpus Sano Acupuncture & Cupping
Netherlands / Amsterdam/Zaandam
003 1644 219 668
Licensed Cupping Therapist and Acupuncturist Health Scientist/Medical Researcher
English, Dutch & Arabic
Mahmuds Hijama,
Mahmuds Hijama
UK / England
079 5629 3007
Simply Hijama
English, Urdu/Hindi, Bengali & Arabic
Nabeela Sayed,
Iram Wellness
India / Pune
Certified – international Cupping Association
English & Hindi
Said Isayed,
NE Wellness
USA / 1224 2nd ST NE Suite 201 Mpls MN 55413
Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Doctor
Arabic, English and Mandarin Chinese
Masood Saeed,
Ruqyah Clinical Therapy
UK / Tipton
077 332 999 16
Mental Health, Ruqyah and Hijama
Bengali and English
Ahmed Waheed,
Hijama & Pure Herbal Medicines
Maldives / Fuvahmulah
00960 9993050
I am a certified practitioner with four years experience alhamdulillah.
English and Dhivehi
Yusaf Rahman,
Cupping Birmingham
UK / Birmingham
075 1615 4483
Over 3 years experience in wet, dry and massage Hijama cupping.
Mohamed Mohidin,
Holistic First
UK / Russell Square, London
020 3371 0073
Sports massage therapist Hijama therapist, 5 years practising Hijama with soft tissue therapy.
Ali K.,
Pakistan / Lahore, Melbourne
+614 0112 2027
HHAOA MEMBER ,the Hijama guys
Abu Adam Al Hajam,
UK / East London
079 6087 0039
Over 3 years experience certified by Hijama prophetic medicine institute (HPMI) I do home visits that our local or at my address in tower hamlets
English – Bengali
MD Shahbaz Bin Malek,
Canada / Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
902 999 6216
Register Massage Therapist (R.M.T) Certified Hijama Practitioner (C.H.P) also enrolling Doctor of Osteopath
English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu
Nazira Bee Yasin,
Hijama Sunnah Cupping Durban
South Africa / Durban
+277 613 829 12
Registered Medical Technologist with 22 years experience. Studied Cupping in Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Practice on Sunnah days and dates only. Hijama trainer in KZN Durban.
English Afrikaans Urdu Zulu Hindi
Dr Sulaiman Ghiyas,
Curative Cupping
UK / Leytonstone
079 1340 8570
MBChB awarded from Oxford University Level 5 Diploma in Hijama Therapy
Dr Rahil Iqbal,
SHAFI Centre
India / New Delhi okhla
Qualified E-homeopathy physician and Hijama expert
English and Hindi
Shabana Shaikh,
Cupping Mumbai
India / (not provided)
082 9124 9124
BSC, DNYS having 9 years of experience
English, Hindi, Marathi
Dr. Shaheela Nafih,
Aswas Ayush Medical Centre
India / Abudhabippadi, Kuttippuram road, Valanchery,Malappuram dist., Kerala.
097 4543 4141
Certificats/Experience: *Homoeopathic physician(BHMS) since 2009 *MBA(Health Care Services) since 2013 *Cupping(Hijama) Therapist since 2014 *Acupuncture Practitioner ( DAT)since 2015 *MDip Acu since 2016
Malayalam, English, Hindi, Kannada
Satham Hussein,
Alaafiyath Hijama Clinic
India / Chennai and all Tamil nadu
+91 805 661 6074
MD in Hijama 3years of experience
Tamil, English, Urdu, Hindi & Arabic
Rashid Lohiya,
Hijama Cupping London
UK / London E17, Walthamstow
077 4075 9975
CHP Certified Hijama Practitioner HNA Member of the Hijama Nation Association GRCCT – Registered with General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies Started practicing Hijama in 2009
English, Urdu, Gujarati, Hindi, Memon/Kutchi
Adil Moosa,
Leicester Hijama
UK / Leicester
077 5337 3905
Hijama Therapy, Sports Massage and Fire Cupping and Kinesiology Taping and Strapping
English and Gujarati
Isa Nicolay Hamelka,
Renyou Natural Therapies
Norge / Norge
0 9808 4349
Ijaaza in hijaama since 2010 after 2 years apprenticeship Specialist in fire cupping 4th Generation 18+ years massage experience Student in physio therapy in sha Allaah Many years experience in injuries from martial arts and sports, Brazilian jiu jitsu student for life in sha Allaah
Fluent in Polish, Norwegian, English, Able to have conversation in Russian, German, French and Italian.
Muhammad Malik,
Hijama Specialist
UK / Slough
074 1537 6556
Fully qualified by Hijama Clinic. Back track of expirience and cliental proven evidence on there health with referance. We do full medical check and then process Hijama.
Urdu, Punjabi, English, Hindi, Gujrati, Arabic, Bengali
Abu Bilal,
Hijama in London
UK / Newham, London
075 1531 3518
HBMI high diploma Hijama Clinic
Arabic, English, Urdu, Punjabi
Md Shahbaz Bin Malek,
Holistic Hijama Halifax
Canada / Halifax
902 999 6216
Hijama Nation, Birmingham UK
English, Hindi, Urdu, Bangla
Mohammed Khan,
Malaika Hijama
UK / Midlands
0121 3927472
Master Advance Personal Trainer, Life style Coach, FA Sports Injuries, Higher Level Practitioner for Cupping level 5. Compliance Trainer delivering First Aid, Risk assessments, Health & Safety and Food Hygiene courses Nationally and internationally. Online Personal Trainer with a client base in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia
English, Urdu, Punjabi
Zakee Imam – Al Shifa USA,
Al Shifa USA
USA / Austin Texas
512 626 1488
English Hindi, Spanish
Muhammad Ali Khan,
Hijama Cures
UK / Whalleyrange, Manchester
077 2533 7343
Hijama Cures from Ustad Molana Hakeem Imaduddin Clinic, Riwind, Pakistan. Practicing since September 2014. My mother does Hijama for ladies.
Urdu and English
Faruq Frederick,
USA / Neptune, New Jersey
732 776 5814
Practice on self, family, Muslims and friends.
Muhammad Ayyaz,
Ayyaz Homeopathic & Hijama Clinic
UK / Birmingham
079 7692 9000
I'm certified Hijama cupping therapist and Homoeopathic doctor.
English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi
Seema Malick,
Dr Seema's Clinic & Hijama Center
India / Bangalore
+959 132 2184
English, Hindi, Urdu, Kannada, Sanskrit & Arabic
Dr. Naveed Ahmed Khan,
Naveed Hijama Clinic
Pakistan / Karachi
+9233 4304 2573
Naveed Clinic is providing their services since 2000 in Homoeopathic and Herbal, and also providing Hijama services since 2007. Naveed Clinic is established by H.Dr. Naveed Ahmed Khan. Dr. Naveed Ahmed affiliated from International Cupping therapy (U.K) and Alternative Medical Council (Islamabad)
English & Urdu
Lacey “Amina” Wigness,
North Edmonton Wellness Centre
Canada / Edmonton
078 0406 0196
Registered Acupuncturist, Certified Hijama Practitioner
MD Khalid Khan,
India / Baidyabati, Hooghly, West Bengal
CMS & EDT trained from IRMA. Hijama learnt from Dr. Year Ali (Govt. Med. Officer) and practicing for last 2 years. I use to treat mainly pain related problems.
Urdu, Hindi, Bengali
Mohammad Miah,
Get Cure Hijama
UK / Swansea
0747 436 3729
CMA Certified 6 years experience
English, Bangla and Urdu
Chinese Hospital,
Chinese Hospital
UK / Birmingham
012 1667 7321
Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. Studied Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Hijama 18 years ago. We also have male and female doctors in our clinic. Muslim and non Muslim
Arabic, Urdu, Somali, Punjabi, English and Chinese
Suhayl Patel,
Al Hijama Cupping Therapy
UK / Bolton
077 4780 6506
Higher level 5 diploma in Hijama Cupping Therapy. Mobile clinic – specializing in Wet, Dry and Massage Cupping
English, Gujarati & Urdu
Madni Hijama Clinic,
Madni Hijama Clinic
India / Hyderabad
+9191 3328 9612
English, Urdu, Hindi, Telugu
Hakeem Majid Rana,
Alhijama Healing Clinic (Ltd)
UK / Huddersfield
078 6477 8880
HIJAMA (Wet cupping therapy )Specialist Qualified as Herbalist, Alternative & Traditional Eastern Medicines, Naturopathy, Reg Nutritionist, Tibb-e-Nabvi, Tibb-e-Unani Fully Insured MALE & Female Infertility Specialist
English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi
Donel Rene,
Kenya / Nairobi
+254 721 320 220
I am a certified practitioner with four years experience alhamdulillah.
English, Kiswahili
Mateen Razzaq,
Rotherham Ruqyah
UK / SouthYorkshire, Rotherham
074 1114 1057
Diploma in Hijama, Also Qualified Personal Trainer with experience of nutrition plans. I also practice Ruqyah which I have done over the past 7-8 years.
English & Urdu
Muhammad Sakib,
Birmingham Cupping Clinic
UK / Tyseley, Birmingham, B11 2AA
079 4946 0895
"Diploma with ICAHT First Aid Fully Insured up to £4 million Blood Waste Licence"
English, Urdu, Mirpuri, Punjabi, Arabic
Yahya Shaikh,
Al Hijamah Canada
Canada / Toronto
64 7285 0916
Learned from Karachi Pakistan. With Sanad of Hadith. Over 5 years of experience and hundreds of patients in many countries.
Arabic. Urdu. English
Dr Mohammed Safdar,
CliniCare – Medical Doctors & Cupping Specialists
UK / Nelson, Lancashire
079 1439 2891
Fully qualified Medical Doctors – male and female, (MBChB, BSc (Hons)) Minor Surgery, BLS, ALS, ILS, PILS, ATLS, Diet and Nutrition, Trained with British Cupping Society, Trained with International Cupping Therapy Association (USA) (and a licensed practitioner), Trained with Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy (ICAHT), Instructor for Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy (ICAHT) The British Medical Acupuncture Society, Registered with CMA, Registered with The General Regulatory Council for Complimentary Therapies (GRCCT), Clinics in Nelson, Blackburn, Manchester, Leicester, Services for males and females, by Doctors and Healthcare Professionals
English, Arabic, Punjabi and Urdu
Mohammed Islam,
Optimum Physical Therapy
UK / Birmingham
074 1476 7697
Sports therapist BSc Hons Hijama therapy Sports coaching development and fitness Advance gym instructor Hotstone massage therapist Indian head massage therapist Athletic Taping
English and Bengali
Mohammed Makkouk,
Riverwood Physiotherapy and Allied Health Centre
Australia / 282 Belmore Rd, Riverwood, NSW 2210
(02) 95840800
Practising > 5 years to date. Have available Certified Male & Female Hijama Therapists (Cert. Hijama Clinic, United Kingdom – Training Course). Check out our Facebook page and video (Facebook Ad-name: 'Riverwood Physiotherapy & Allied Health Centre').
Fluent Arabic & English
Mohammed Patel,
Hijama For You
UK / London
07930 726 168
Hijama Nation Level 5 Certified & Insured
English & Gujrati
Shafi Timol,
UK / Manchester
Certified Hijama Practitioner (CHP), over 2 years
Gujrati, Urdu, Arabic & English
Ismail Bham,
IB Physio
UK / Leicester
078 9266 4831
BSc Hons Physiotherapy, Hijamah therapy Diploma, Qualified in Acupuncture
English, Urdu and Gujarati
Dr. Mohammad Saiful Alam Talukder,
Hijama Planet
Bangladesh / House: 91/1, Road: 11A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
+880 161 287 746
Certified HIjama Practitioner and Surgeon. Most experienced Hijama therapist in Bangladesh and a medical doctor too. Our environment is completely sterile and professional. We use disposable cups.
Arabic, English, Bangla, Urdu, Hindi, French, Japanese, Malay.
Dr. Syed Sirajuddin,
Health and HIjama Clinic
India / Bangalore
+96 2047 3786
Registered Medical Practitioner
English, Urdu, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu
Zak Abbas,
Key to Health
UK / Manchester
077 6602 2232
I have a Higher Diploma in Hijamah and have been practicing for over 5 years. We offer a mobile service in the comfort of your own home. Mobile Services available.
English, Mirpuri
Mohamed Patel,
As-Sunnah Cupping Therapy
UK / London
079 4655 5149
CHP Cupping for over 1 year
English, Gujrati
Dr Yusuf Haffejee,
The Hijama Clinic
UK / Leicester
077 1264 4990
Dip Hijama Therapy – ICAHT
English, Gujerati, Urdu and Arabic
Dr Ahmed Syed Asaduddin,
Al Hijama Alternative Medical Center
UAE / Al Buhaira Corniche, Sharjah
Practicing Unani Doctor & Hijama Practitioner , Licensed by MOH. 16 years of experience internationally.
Arabic, English, Urdu
Uthmaan Abdul,
The Treatment Room
UK / Manchester
078 5780 2687
Certified and trained with Brother Waleed Zamzam.
Muhammad Naazir,
UK / Birmingham
078 6896 4124
Post Graduate Diploma in Cupping Therapy. 5 years experience in Hijama. Mind Sciences Expert. Holistic Medicines Therapist
English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi
Mohammad Quraishi,
Quantum Ruqya
UK / Blackburn
077 8432 7475
Certified Hijama Practitioner (CHP), Hijama Therapy Trainer, and Principal of Quantum Ruqya Education Trust
English, Punjabi, Urdu
Abdul Faruq Jalil,
Hijama Cure
UK / Handsworth, Birmingham West Midland
075 3426 0626
Five years experience in Hijama and deep tissue massage. Specially for back pain.
English, Bengali
Mohammed Zubear Patel,
UK / Bolton
079 5106 5069
Certification acquired with BIHMC have been performing Hijama for over nine years.
English, Urdu, Gujrati and fairly/basic Arabic
Muhammad Mazhar Yasin,
Hijama Care
Qatar / Wakrah
+974 77567881
Certified Hijama Practitioner (C.H.P.) from Hijama Nation UK approx 3 years
Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi
Iqbal Mohammed,
Clinical Hijama
UK / West Yorkshire
075 7782 2499
Nat Dip Sc, Tibb e Nabwi, Hijama Clinic Dip
Urdu, English, Punjabi